XX Anniversary of TDLS Conference   1995 - 2015
Information on Russian Visa
Local Organizing Committee provides visa support for participants.

Participants are encouraged to apply for the visa well in advance in order to avoid last minute problems.
You should send us all the required information and documents at least 3 months before the date of your visit. Deadline for submission is April 6, 2015. After this date Local Organizing Committee will not be able to provide visa support.

Information required for Russian visa application:

1) scanned copy of passport (pages with photo and dates of issue/expiry)
2) assumed arrival and departure dates (dd-mm-yyyy)
3) itinerary (supposed to be Moscow, unless you plan to visit other cities)
4) last (family) name, first (given) name, other name(s)
5) date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy); country and place of birth
6) sex
7) citizenship
8) country of permanent residence
9) city in your country in which you will apply for a visa to the Russian Consulate
    (you may locate the nearest Russian Consulate at www.russianembassy.net)
10) affiliation (exact name and address); business phone; business e-mail
11) your position and/or title at your place of work
12) home address and phone
13) passport number; authority issued the passport; place it was issued
14) issue date (dd-mm-yyyy); valid till date (dd-mm-yyyy)
15) if you visited Russia during past three years, attach a copy of passport pages with corresponding visas

The letter of invitation will be sent directly to the Russian Consulate in your country
about 40 days before your visit, and a scanned copy will be sent to you by e-mail.

Please send this information and documents to tdls@nsc.gpi.ru by April 6, 2015,
and specify 'TDLS2015 visa' as a subject of your message.

We are looking forward to see you at TDLS-2015